Access to Kii Tanabe Station from Overseas.

Narita International Airport is very far away from Kiitanabe, and the access is difficult too. All foreign participants are advising to arrive at Kansai Airport directly, and please come to JR Kiitanabe Station by train.

A) From Kansai International Airport to Kii-Tanabe Station.

JR Kansai Airport Station ¨ JR Hineno Station (JR Kansai Airport Line, 10 minutes)
JR Hineno Station¨ JR Kii-Tanabe Station (JR Line, 2-3 hours)

Please take a local train which going to Tenoji at Kansai International Airport, and then transfer at JR Hineno Station. There are just only 2 stations between Kansai International Airport and Hineno Station, and take about 10 minutes. Please be careful that express train wonft stop at Hineno Station! Please transfer to a train that going to Wakayama, Gobo, Kii Tanabe at Hineno Station. Both express and local train will take you to Kii Tanabe station. For those who are taking the express train will take about 110 minutes and cost 4,500 yen. By local train will take about 180 minutes and cost 2,500 yen.

Time Table at JR Kansai Airport Station(Not available now)

B) From Narita International Airport to Kii-Tanabe

1) Narita Airport ¨ Haneda Airport(Airport Limousine Bus, 75 minutes)
Haneda Airport ¨ Nanki-Shirahama Airport(Japan Airline, 70 minutes)
Nanki-Shirahama Airport¨ Kii-Tanabe Station(Shuttle Bus, 35 minutes)

Total Cost : Appx.30,000 JPY

2) Narita Airport ¨ Tokyo Station(JR Narita Express, 63 minutes)
Tokyo Station ¨ Shin-Osaka Station(Shinkansen: NOZOMI, 160 minutes)
Shin-Osaka Station¨Kii-Tanabe Station(JR line, 120 minutes by Express)

Total Cost : Appx.20,000 JPY