Accommodation in Tanabe

Following accommodations have been almost fully booked. Please ask the details to the organizer!

éR types of accommodations are available in Tanabe City.

Wakayama Nanki Sports Center
Double decked bed; 8-person-room
2,040 JPY /a night per person.
Breakfast: 630 JPY, Lunch: 780 JPY, Dinner: 1050 JPY.

Meals included for lodging.
Lodging on October 4th is acceptable but no lodging acceptable on and after October 13th. Please ask the details to the organizer

Western Style Hotels/ with breakfast
Price: 7,000 JPY /a night per person

Please specify either single or double bedroom that you hope for. Please specify whom you willing to share with in the case of double bedroom. Since number of double bedroom is limited, couple or certain cases is giving priority while participants are advising to reserve single bedroom if there is not necessary.

Japanese Style Hotels / with breakfast and dinner.
2-person-room: Price: 7,500 JPY / a night per person.
3 -5person-room: Price: 7,000 / a night per person.