Events at the 10th IAF congress in Tanabe City

Founderfs Day

Buddhism ritual dedicated to the 40th Anniversary of the Founderfs death, Morihei Ueshiba will be held at Kozanji Temple from 9:00 to 12:00 on October 6th.


Doshu and well-known instructors from all over the world are invited to conduct the training during the whole seminar period.

International Demonstration at Kumano Hongu Shrine

The Demonstration will take place at Kumano Hongu Shrine on 11th at 15:00pm to 18:30pm. Demonstration by the delegates of each IAF members, Japanese Shihan and Doshu will be carried out. It takes 90 minutes from Tanabe city to Kumano by car. Free transportation will be provided to the participants from overseas who will stay in Tanabe city.

Farewell Party

Farewell Party will be held at gGarden Hotel Hanayoh at 16:00pm on October 12th. Participationfs fee is 3,000 yen. Doshu with all Congress Executive Committees will attend the party. All participants are welcome by all mean to join the party.

General Assembly

A general meeting is going to conduct between IAF member representative and officers. The meeting will hold at KINAN Cultural Centre.