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With only two weeks left until the New Year 2016 begins, the IAF would like to extend its best wishes for the winter season to all its members and friends. In 2016, IAF will celebrate its 40th anniversary and its 12th Congress will be held in Takasaki, Japan. The Seminar accompanying the Congress is scheduled to have over 20 of the world's top Aikido instructors. Waka Sensei and Doshu will also be teaching classes to the participants. Everybody is welcome, you do not have to be an IAF-affiliated federation to participate in the seminar and we hope to see as many of you there as possible. More information will be publish in the first quarter of 2016. Online reservations for the event is scheduled to start in April 1, 2016.

New Year's greetings from IAF Chairman Peter Goldsbury (video and music by Guillaume Erard)

IAF greeting card 01

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