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martinMartin Gianini was born in the United States, and he arrived in Ireland about 2000. A charming intelligent man with a gift for music and communication, he was soon adopted into the Irish Aikido Federation, with whom he practiced and trained to the level of assistant instructor. He and Goska moved to Poland in 2012 and were planning to establish a premaculture centre there.

Martin, as a member of the Irish group at the 2012 Congress in Tokyo, was first introduced to the IAF in a noodle shop near Yoyogi Park, where he met Gen. Sec. Kei Izawa and voluntered his services.

As the arrangements for the IAF participation in the St. Petersburgh demonstration accelerated, he and Eoin de Buitlear of  Ireland Aikikai took over the registration of the IAF delegation. They handled their duty with efficiency, diplomacy with a potent blend of skill and administative ability, which elicited admiration and thanks from the Sport Accord support staff. As we learned later, the IAF group were the only delegation that did not have problems with their accommodation

On the ground in St. Petersburgh Martin maintained the follow-up administration and at very short notice stepped into the role of commentator for the demonstration. Goska Smierzchalska produced a set of top quality photos which they collaborated to process and feed into the IAF FB page to good effect. It was under these circumstances that the IAF Chairman came to appreciate Martin. He was subsequently co-opted as the assistant web master for the IAF, which position was approved by the Directing Committee in September 2014. On this occassion, in Cluj-Napoca, Romania, he also ably participated in the seminar demonstration without foreknowledge or preparation and also at a moment's notice.

In the short time he was with the IAF, Martin did very valuable work in supporting the St. Petersburgh demonstration, in redesigning the IAF website, and in bringing a better understanding of the possibilities for the IAF in developing their internet presence. His passing was a shock and a loss for his colleagues on the IAF Directing Committee whose condolences have been forwarded to his family and friends.

Remberance services were held for Martin in Poland on 5th May, in Ireland on 10th May, and in the USA on 16th May 2015.


Seán MacRuairí (Ireland Aikikai).

Vice Chairman IAF.


Martin Leo Giannini

Nickname: Marty

Born: August 18, 1973, died:  April 25, 2015


June, 1991: Graduated from Lane Technical High School in Chicago, IL

May, 1995: Graduated from University of Southern California, Phi Betta Kappa.

B.A. International Relations

Survived by:

Father: John L. Gianini.  Mother: Julie W. Gianini.  Sister: Amy Cabera.  Partner: Goska Smierzchalska.

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