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Aikido - Opinions

In celebration of International Women’s Day, IAF has compiled a summary article based on best practices and viewpoints gathered from its members and Aikido practitioners all around the world on how dojos can continue to encourage women to take up Aikido in the spirit of inclusivity (this also extends to the disabled and the practice of Aikido in other cultures).

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The next IAF Children and Youth Aikido Seminar will be held in the Netherlands in November. To share best practices, we thus kickstart a series of articles with this first feature on the running of an Aikido program for children by Filippin Renato shihan and his wife Amadea Thoma at their dojo in St. Gallen, tucked in the mountainous region of Switzerland.

aikido youth st gallen 03

Aikido, as a martial art, is also a good study of energy, yours and your opponent’s, and in a larger context can be applied to life and leadership. You may already be practicing some of the skills mentioned in this article; a mental-physical practice like aikido can help you to fine tune these skills further.

2013 10 22 RU SPb Shihans demonstration photo by viktor kazarin 161

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