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We would like draw attention to the IAF forum feature – The Journey of Women in Aikido.  As we are all well aware that despite comprising 50% of the general population, women in Aikido in the world, comprise at best 30% -of our student population.  The forum seeks to discuss ways we can all ensure that Aikido is open, equal, positive and welcoming to both sexes.

A Women in Aikido forum was held in Australia in 2015 at the 50th Anniversary School, the panel comprised of both International and Australian senior aikidoka, this approach has formed the basis of this IAF forum.

By hearing firsthand the stories of eminent women senseis

  • Janet Clift
  • Micheline Tissier
  • Teresa Wang
  • Ruth Treyde
  • Linda Godfrey

from around the world the discussion panel aimed to:

  • Demonstrate the place of senior women in aikido.
  • Highlight the challenges that women have experienced and overcome in their journey.
  • Gain insights as to how we can potentially improve the participation

The evening session was 90 mins, 1 hour of a panel led discussion by Linda Godfrey and Micheline Tissier followed by 30 mins of open forum questions.

women forum

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