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The IAF will hold its two-yearly directing committee meeting very shortly.


The meeting will take place in Moscow and will run from October 19 till October 22. The main topics to be discussed at the meeting will be:

Evaluation of the recent Sportaccord Combat Games and preparations for future events;

Minor changes to the IAF Statutes;

Preparation for the 11th IAF Congress, to take place in Tokyo;

Finance and budget issues;

IAF Membership issues.



Alongside the directing committee meeting, an aikido training seminar will be led by Mitsuteru Ueshiba, Waka Sensei, S Sugawara Shihan and H Fujimaki Shihan, with the support of Hino Terumasa Shidoin, all from the Aikikai Hombu Dojo. Shihans attending the directing committee meeting will also instruct at the seminar: Tony Smibert Shihan from Australia, who is a member of the IAF Senior Council, and Stefan Stenudd Shihan, who is IAF Vice-Chairman.


The seminar, which will begin at 10 am on October 21 and finish at 12 noon on October 23, will be a major event, with 1,000 participants expected and up to six hours of training each day. The seminar will be followed by a demonstration and a farewell party.


The directing committee meeting and training seminar have been made possible by the hard work of many persons in the Aikikai Aikido Federation of Russia (AAFR), but especially by Mr Sergei Kirienko, Mr Nikolay Egorov and Mr Ognyan Naydov-Zhelezov, the latter two gentlemen being responsible for the day-to-day planning including the obtaining of visas.


On behalf of the IAF, I would like to offer thanks to the AAFR for undertaking to hold this meeting and training seminar and I am confident that the whole event will be a major success.


P A Goldsbury
IAF Chairman



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