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The theme for the 12th IAF congress was the promotion of gender equality in aikido. Through classes taught by senior female instructors as well as two gender forums to explore issues of gender equality in martial arts we have started to address this important issue for the future of aikido. We are committed to continuing this journey in the future.


Gender equality in Aikido was one of the main themes of the 12th IAF Congress. This has been approached in the previous DC meetings, as well. To emphasize the continuous efforts made by the board of the organization, a symbolic Daruma doll has been handed by Ms. Lilamani de Soysa to Dr. Peter Goldsbury and then to the next IAF Chairman.

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The goal has been set and one eye has been coloured. The following leading team will continue the journey of further - gender equality in Aikido - and colour the other eye when IAF attains the next step, as well, as the custom requires.

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