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The main event of the year in the world of Russian Aikido took place between the 2nd and the 4th of December 2016. The Open All-Russian Aikido Festival "Tornado" that Moscow hosted convened all the Aikido groups in Russia for a friendship reunion. This is an annual gathering that is organized by the Russian National Aikido Board (RNAB).

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Wilko Vriesman, the General Secretary of the International Aikido Federation, attended the occasion, on the invitation of Sergey Vladilenovich Kiriyenko, Chairman of the Russian National Aikido Board.

Russian Aikido coktail

The program of the festival included master classes in Aikido, demonstration performances and an award ceremony.

During the event this year, 700 aikidokas coming from Russia, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Netherlands, Germany, Italy and Kazakhstan have trained together on tatami.

Russian Aikido Kiriyenko

The national award ceremony was held on Saturday, the 3rd of December in the presence of a lot of honorary guests. RNAB award – "Tornado" is the highest recognition of merits in the field of Aikido development in the Russian federation. The award is granted by the decision of RNAB Directing Committee and handed in a festive atmosphere to citizens and organizations that have special merits in developing and promoting Aikido.

Russian Aikido awards

Many Aikido masters presented their way of practicing Aikido in an Embukai. Wilko Vriesman 6th Dan Aikido and Sergey Kiriyenko 4th Dan Aikido have performed in the demonstration program.

During the Embukai session, the newly become Russian citizen and well-known movie star, Steven Seagal 7th Dan Aikido, had a presence as a special guest that was hard to be missed.

The Open All-Russian Aikido Festival is organized annually in the purpose of preserving traditions, assuming a healthy lifestyle and promoting Aikido among young people. The main theme of this edition has been "What dare unites us?". Leading masters and beginner athletes from different corners of the world answered this question and their reactions were broadcasted on the stage of a Gallic concert "Tornado" and on internet, as well.

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