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The logo represents IAF’s increasing global presence and its role and the traditional value of Aikido as a Japanese Budo. The new logo has taken into account the digital age requirements of logo usage and for the first time involved a professional graphic designer to package it in a way that is ready and easy to use by the member nations. The logo incorporates Aikikai’s requirements which highlights even stronger ties between Aikikai and IAF.

IAF 2017 NEW LOGO transparent

The IAF is a friendship federation of member-nations, as well as part of the Aikikai, that promotes:

  1. international friendship training events, demonstrations, and certain new initiatives primarily by training Aikido on tatami;
  2. its member-nations’ activities, many of which embedded in the frame of national sport.

The IAF has been constituting member of GAISF (Sportaccord changed the name to Global Association Of International Sport Federations – GAISF ) since 1980s, and later of IWGA (International World Games Association), and AIMS (Alliance of Independent recognized Members of Sports, Organization recognized by the International Olympic Committee (IOC). It is now also in the process of becoming partner of Peace & Sport, by introducing Aikido into the continent of Africa in close cooperation with the Aikikai.

Based on IAF’s the increasing international involvement, the new logo focuses on the following key aspects:

  1. Easy identification of the International Aikido Federation (IAF) and its relationship with Aikikai.
  2. Focusing on color coding of the 5 continents rather than red dot in the center, to highlight the globalization trends of IAF
  3. Consolidating the different formats that existed into one common visual
  4. Maintaining some level of continuity.

In the time of its creation, the IAF implemented as an organization of member nations the rule of the International regulations of the Aikikai of that time, which was compliant with the regulations of the International Sports Community, of one organization per country.

Growth of Aikido in the World has resulted in a fast growing number of Hombu recognized organizations per country representing Aikido as Japanese Budo. Due to the growing role of Aikido within the national and international Sports Community, during and after the latest IAF Congress in Takasaki, the following directives or liaison activities were created:

  • A directive from Doshu to the IAF to become more inclusive (opening itself up for all the hombu recognized organizations within a country, if they so desired.
  • The creation by Doshu of the IAF Liaison Office, headed by Ueshiba Mitsuteru Dojocho, as direct interface between the Aikikai and the IAF Directing Committee.

IAF wishes to take the new logo for a stronger message to promote Aikido and unity under the new logo. We wish to get member participation for ideas to enhance its use to promote IAF and Aikikai Aikido. (IAF Directing Committee)

International Aikido Federation

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