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Romania hosted an international seminar a few days ago to celebrate 20 years of activity of the Romanian Aikikai Aikido Foundation. The main instructor of this event was Mitsuteru Ueshiba, Hombu Dojo-cho.

mitsuteru dte 4674

The panel of instructors of this seminar also included Ulf Evenas Shihan, Kei Izawa Sensei, IAF Chairman, Wilko Vriesman Shihan, IAF General Secretary and Michele Quaranta Shihan. The 12 trainings were full of inspiration and joy. There were 500 participants on the tatami in Cluj-Napoca during the 3 days, 15th – 17th of September 2017, coming from 30 cities of Romania and from 21 countries.


ulf evenas dte 4486

(Ulf evenas Shihan; uke Marijan Sprem - Sweden)

kei izawa dte 4172

(Kei Izawa Sensei; uke Steven Shaw - USA)

wilko vriesman dte 4317

(Wilko Vriesman Shihan; uke Caius Dan - Romania)

michele quaranta dte 4059

(Michele Quaranta Shihan; uke Mario Cerny - Slovakia)

mitsuteru ueshiba dte 4823

(Mitsuteru Ueshiba, Hombu Dojo-cho; uke Terumasa Hino - Japan)

The largest number of foreign participants was given by the Ukrainean delegates – over 50 aikidoka coming from several cities in Ukraine. The delegates from Hungary also came in a large number and the Swedish people, including Leif Sunje, IAF Vice Chairman, made their presence felt.

leif sunje dte 4473

This Anniversary International Seminar has been the biggest Aikido event in Romania ever. It was the second time for Dojo-cho to visit this country. The first time was related to the IAF DC meeting that was organized in Cluj-Napoca as well, three years ago.

romania dte 6971 1

Photo credit: Romanian Aikikai Aikido Foundation (Anca State)

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