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The traditional Kagami-Biraki ceremony was held at Hombu Dojo, the Aikido World Headquarters, in Tokyo/Japan, on the 14th of January 2018. 941 people were awarded Dan promotions. Doshu Moriteru Ueshiba offered an embukai on this occasion.

Doshu's Demonstration

The people that received the new grading are from all over the world. Two titles of 8th Dan were given this year, 68 titles of 7th Dan and 254 titles of 6th Dan. Also, 534 Aikidoka are now 5th Dan and 83 Aikidoka received 1st-4th Dan. The entire list of new gradings is available on Aikikai Foundation's website.

hombu kagami 2018

Hombu Dojo, Tokyo/Japan

We express our heartfelt congratulations to all these hardworking Aikidoka and we would like to mention especially that five dedicated members of the IAF are among the persons that Doshu Moriteru Ueshiba selected for promotion: Yokota Yoshiaki - 8th Dan, IAF Technical Council Member, Dorin Marchis - 6th Dan, IAF Directing Committee Member, Guillaume Erard - 5th Dan, IAF Information Director, Aleksandr Starovojtov - 5th Dan, IAF Webmaster, and Gergo Pasqualetti - 5th Dan, IAF's Secretary EU Working Group.

Yokota Yoshiaki Shihan, IAF Technical Council Member

Picture 2 Dorin si Guillaume2

Dorin Marchis, IAF Directing Committee Member, and Guillaume Erard, IAF Information Director

Picture Sasha si Gergo

Aleksandr Starovojtov, IAF Webmaster, and Gergo Pasqualetti, IAF's Secretary EU Working Group

The Kagami-Biraki ceremony takes place every year at mid-January at Hombu Dojo. It is a Japanese traditional celebration, underlining the start of a new year, new opportunities to become better.


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