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We will soon be celebrating the 8th of March, the International Women's Day. Since its foundation in 2016 in Takasaki, the IAF Gender Balance Working Group has been actively supporting the gender balance in the world of Aikido. Although Aikido is for everyone, the gender balance is still one side up, especially in the field of leadership - there are far less high-ranking female instructors and board members than the male equivalent.

Patricia Women Aikido

Of course, we can emphasize that there has been a visible improvement in Takasaki: 3 female Shihans had classes in the Congress and the first female DC has been elected in the board of the IAF. In order to continue to pursue this issue and cause more positive changes, the IAF Gender Balance Working Group - at this moment consisting of 25 voluntary delegates from the member nations all over the world – has been taking a proactive stance to share experience and knowledge, stimulate and support each other to initiate events and movements.

Activities and events in 2017

Gender Day, 12th of March, in the Netherlands.
This was a 3 hours training seminar, followed by a leadership workshop and a forum. It was hosted by the Dutch IAF member N.A.F. The instructors, forum speakers and participants were from the Netherlands, Switzerland, Slovenia, Germany and Austria.

Female instructor seminar, 8th/9th of July, in Buenos Aires.
The two days training seminar hosted by Aikikai Argentina was very well visited. The invited instructors and participants were from all over Argentina, Chili, Uruguay and the Netherlands.

SUCCESS Conference, 13th of September, Bratislava.
The conference was organized as part of the Leadership Education Project by the Slovakian Olympic Committee. The IAF Gender Balance delegates from Slovenian Aikikai and Polish Aikikai have taken part at this event.

Female instructor seminar, 29th of October, in the Netherlands.
Instructors from all over the Netherlands and Slovenia celebrated the 5th edition of this event. A lot of guest teachers from overseas were invited at this anniversary.

Private dojo exchange seminars between female instructors have also turned into a phenomenon. We are encouraging it national and international level.

Up-coming and on-going events in 2018

Kinensai, Italy
This year, Aikikai Italia is celebrating the 40th anniversary of recognition of cultural institution with high moral and educational values, received from the Italian State in 1978. Kinensai, the celebrating events, take place throughout 2018 in different cities such as Verona, Bari, Florence, Turin or Naples, where the Aikikai Italia encourages and supports local dojos to organize national seminars and embukai to promote Aikido.
The events also support gender equality: many high-ranked female teachers are conducting classes in seminars in order to implement the right gender balance which has been promoted during and since the 12th IAF Congress in Takasaki.

Woman in Aikido, Sweden
The Woman in Aikido seminars in Sweden are meant to promote gender balance on all levels in the martial art of Aikido. Specifically, making women in leading positions more visible. The current concept is with local Aikido seminars or events open to all styles, grades and nationalities, with mainly female instructors and leaders with various grade and experience. Their passion for leading, teaching and presenting the sport is the common trait. They can be long timers, dojo keepers, member of national demonstration group, young hard working Aikido teachers and so on.
These kinds of seminars or events are organized by the local clubs and are supported by the Swedish National Aikido Federation.

The next event will be held by Mikoto Nacka Aikido Club, on the 24th of Mach, on Saturday. The seminar is free of charge and open to all. There will be Aikido classes, try-out-possibility for the audience and demonstrations (with a secret guest).
Mikoto is a club working especially with young aikidoka. It also has a good contact with female teachers abroad and is planning an international yet minor Woman in Aikido event with female teachers from other countries, in the future.

Women’s Day Camp, Hungary
This event is organized on the 9th of March, by Shurenkan Aikido Sport Association, a member of Aikikai Hungary. As part of the Dojo’s Annual Spring Camp, two female instructors from different parts of the country are going to conduct training sessions. The event is open to all national Aikikai members.


International Female Instructor Seminar, Slovenia
The first International Female Instructor Seminar organized by the Slovenian Aikikai will be on the 12th – 13th of May, in Ljubljana. Hosting 2 female Aikido instructors from the Netherlands and France and 2 female instructors from Slovenia, this is actually the first event organized by the Aikikai Federation of Slovenia to promote gender balance. After the two days of training, there will be also a press conference to speak about Aikido trainings from the female perspective to the public. This event is open for all aikidoka.

Gender Day, the Netherlands
The Dutch N.A.F. is preparing the 2nd Gender Day Forum this year. More information is going to be published shortly.

Female instructor seminar, Argentina
The summer of this on-going year will reunite again female instructors from several countries, in Argentina. The 2nd edition of the Women Aikido Seminar will be during the 7th - 8th of July.

Instructoras 2018 copia

Female instructor seminar, the Netherlands
Autumn will provide a new seminar dedicated to female instructors. Netherlands will host this event on the 28th of October.


What do YOU DO to promote gender balance in Aikido?
Please tell us about on-going projects and future plans of your dojo/federation/country!

The IAF Gender Balance Working Group is eager to share them!

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