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11 female instructors from 7 countries conducted the trainings of the annual Female Instructor Seminar in Buenos Aires. This was the 3rd edition of the event that is meant not only to promote female instructors, but also to unite different Aikikai federations in whole Argentina.

Ladies Argentina hands1024

Flavia Briglia (Argentina) and Lorena Freire (Chile)

10 female instructors from different Argentinian Aikido federations, as well as from Chile, Uruguay and Netherlands have been invited to teach Aikido classes. Their ranks varied from 2nd Dan to 6th Dan.

During the first day, the 7th of July 2018, the panel included Lorena Freire 4th Dan from Aikido Kenkyukai Chile, Maria Celeste Maziotti 5th Dan from Kansha Escuela de Aikido, Silvia Colucci 4th Dan from Union Argentina de Aikido Aikikai, Helena Gollo 4th Dan from Federacion Urugaya de Aikido, Teresa Gaitan 5th Dan from Fundacion Aikido Argentina, Satomi Ishikawa 4th Dan from Aikido Nederland and Laura Copello 6th Dan from Asociacion Argentina de Aikido.

The panel from the second day, the 8th of July 2018, included Mercedes Avila 2nd Dan from Organizacion Argentina de Aikido, Analia Arzeno 4th Dan from Centro de Difusion del Aikido and Silvia Caero 5th Dan from Federacion Aikikai Argentina.

Grup Female Argentina1024

Analía Arzeno (Argentina), Satomi Ishikawa (Netherlands), Laura Copello (Argentina), Helena Gollo (Uruguay), Lorena Freire (Chile), Silvia Caero (Argentina) and Mercedes Ávila (Argentina)

There were two days with 11 trainings that were very well received by the participants. People came from all over Argentina, trained hard together and gave positive feedback: "It was really cool! I am going for my 2nd Dan soon, so I am training very hard at this moment. Practicing outside of my own dojo, with different partners, makes me better."; “I live about 1200 km away from Buenos Aires, so I made my effort to visit this seminar. This year I even brought some of my students together with me and it was worth doing this. I learned a lot from different teachers from different schools."; "My teacher brought us here already from the 1st seminar in 2016. I liked it a lot! I have been training since I was 12 years old and now I am 18, preparing for my shodan examination. Aikido also makes my world bigger as I met people from other parts of the world at the seminar!".

Participants Argentina1024

This year, the number of male participants surpassed that of female: among the total of 80 participants, more than 50 were male practioners, who appreciated the high standard of teaching. The initiative of Aikikai Argentina was also deeply appreciated by other federations, which will continue to support this international event in the future.

Photo credit: Aikikai Argentina

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