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International World Games Association will launch the session for designation of the Athlete of the Year 2018 on the 1st of January 2019. The nominated person to represent Aikido is Renato Filippin Shihan 7 Dan.

IWGA Renato Filippin 4

Voting starts on the 1st of January and after two full weeks, a first round of counting votes is to be made. After the 15th of January, the first 10 most voted athlets will go on with the voting time until the end of January. The voting and the results will be displayed on The World Games website: www.theworldgames.org.

IWGA Renato Filippin 2

The nomination of Renato Filippin Shihan 7 Dan as the Aikido Athlete of the Year was made by the Chairman of IAF as he triggered the inspiration to undertake an important initiative of the Youth Program within the International Aikido Federation. The World Games suggested two alternative criteria for selecting the representative athlete: sport top performance and human touch. The latter one was taken into consideration when deciding the representative person for this award. As Aikido has no competition, the sport top performance is not a way one Aikidoka can be put in the spotlight. 

IWGA Renato Filippin 1

Renato Filippin Shihan has an extensive Aikido background. He lives in Switzerland, but travels worldwide for teaching or participating at Aikido events. He started Aikido in winter of 1963. So he has been training over 55 years. And his passion for Aikido has never faded. He served as the first Chairperson of the Youth group in IAF and now he is an adviser to the Chairman of IAF. He also works with minority children in Switzerland as well as with youth at risk.

IWGA Renato Filippin 3

Renato Filippin Shihan has been engaging in projects that go on beyond the first success. In 2017, he organized a highly appreciated Youth event in St. Gallen, which was the precursor of the Youth Seminars in Papendal, Netherland (2017) and in Cluj-Napoca, Romania (2018).

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