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The IAF team of athlets from 11 countries had a great experience in Iwama and Tokyo, this summer. The main focus was on its first participation at the Japan National Sports Festival, in Ibaraki Prefecture. This was a premiere as no other Aikido group from abroad has participated before.

Iwama team 13 2019

The IAF athelts participating at the Iwama event were:
Wojtek Drag (Poland)
Adam Manikowski (Poland)
Lukasz Drag (Poland)
Tomasz Kujawa (Poland)
Secher Kroner Mikkel (Denmark)
Ravn Overgaard Mikkel (Denmark)
Diana Hope (Australia)
Tristan Derham (Australia)
Satomi Ishikawa (Netherlands)
Jasmin Biscevic (Slovenia)
Dimitri Crenier (Belgium)
Helene Doue (France)
Ivan Zafranovic (Croatia)
Predrag Jukic (Croatia)
Iulian Perpelici (Romania)
Oana Stan (Romania)
Galina Boykova Treneva (Bulgaria)
Zhelyazko Valchez (Bulgaria)
Hristo Michailov (Bulgaria)
Abdel-Rahman Mohamed Omar (Egypt)
Mustafa Gamal Abdel-Nasser (Egypt)

The athlets all met in Tokyo. First thing in the morning, they attended Doshu's class in Hombu Dojo.

Hombu IAF team 2019

They also enjoyed a friendly informal dinner, together with Dojo-cho Mitsuteru Ueshiba.

Tokyo team 1 2019

Tokyo team 2 2019

The coordination of the IAF team was done by Chairman Kei Izawa, General Secretary Wilko Vriesman and DC Member Dorin Marchis.

Iwama team 10 2019

In Iwama, the program included all the Aikido classes of the dojo, preparation for the Embukai at the 74th edition of Japan National Sports Festival, cleaning of the surrounding, cooking, sleeping in the dojo and some nice open-air parties.

Iwama team 11 2019

Iwama team 7 2019

Iwama team 1 2019

Iwama team 2 2019

Iwama team 4 2019

A lot of people watched the demonstration of dozens of Japanese Aikido groups, all together being six hundred - small children, adolescents, weapon athlets, female self defense, yudansha, shihans. The IAF team had the demonstration just before the one presented by Doshu.

Iwama team 5 2019

Iwama team 6 2019

Iwama team 3 2019

Iwama team 9 2019

The programme, entirely dedicated to Aikido, started in the afternoon, under the hot sun, and finished when the sun set, after three hours of Embukai sessions. Luckily, a rain started only at the end of the event, but it didn't stop the participants on the tatami to enjoy a lovely dinner. Also, we were happy to see the names of the members of the IAF demo team in the festival magazine, also.

Iwama team 8 2019

Iwama team 12 2019

Iwama is a wonderful and special place, brench of Hombu Dojo. Many times, when Aikidoka visit Japan, after practicing in Tokyo, they take the train and visit the dojo in Iwama, city of Kasama, Ibaraki Prefecture.

Iwama team 14 2019

The athlets and the entire IAF team had a great experience!


Photo: Irina Gaspar

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