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The Kagami Biraki ceremony gathered a lot of people at Hombu Dojo this Sunday, 12th of January 2020. Doshu Moriteru Ueshiba conducted the ceremony and a total of 923 Aikidoka were promoted to a new Yudansha Aikido Aikikai rank.

Kagami 2020 3

photo credit Yuichi Isaka

Before starting the awarding ceremony, Doshu offered a demonstration of Aikido.

6 dedicated Aikidoka received the title of 8th Dan and 62 received the title of 7th Dan. Also, the rank of 6th Dan was awarded to 279 people and the rand of 5th Dan to 525 people. 51 Aikidoka received 4th-1st Dan. The list can be accesed using this web address:

The Kagami Biraki ceremony is held every January, marking the official opening of the New Year. It is the Japanese custom to prepare, on this occasion, a special “cake”: mochi. Part of its preparation was made in front of Hombu Dojo, in Tokyo.

Kagami 2020 1

photo credit Aikikai Foundation

Kagami 2020 2

photo credit Aikikai Foundation

Happy and prosperous 2020 for everybody!

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