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The SportAccord General Meeting was held in London on Saturday, April 8, 2011.

The IAF was represented at the General Meeting by Peter Goldsbury, IAF Chairman, Stefan Stenudd, IAF Vice-Chairman and August Dragt, IAF Assistant General Secretary. A special guest was Lydia la Riviere Zeijdel, who was the winner of a Spirit of Sport award for her work with the disabled.


During the General Meeting it was announced that the next SportAccord World Combat Games will be held in October 2013 in the Russian city of St Petersburg.

As one of the fifteen martial arts and combat sports federations within SportAccord, the IAF will be be present in St Petersburg and will give a demonstration. Nothing has been arranged yet, it is hoped that a large aikido training seminar will be held to coincide with the IAF demonstration.

Further news will be given in due course, but the preparation for the IAF demonstration starts NOW.


Peter Goldsbury

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