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Mitsuteru UeshibaMitsuteru UeshibaUnlike most sports, Aikido does not hold competitions and so has no world champions. Of course, technical expertise is taken for granted as being essential, but the IAF appoints its Aikido Ambassadors for additional reasons.

As Ambassador for the first Combat Games, held in Beijing, we appointed a wheelchair athlete, holding dan ranks in karate as well as aikido, in order to show the wide scope of aikido as a martial way.

For the 2013 World Combat Games in St Petersburg, we have returned to the source of aikido and appointed as our Ambassador a direct descendant of the Founder of Aikido, Morihei Ueshiba.

The traditional organization of Japanese martial arts is based on the founding family, and Mitsuteru Ueshiba is the Founder’s great-grandson.

Born in 1981, Mr Ueshiba is Deputy Head of the Headquarters Dojo in Tokyo. As such, Mr Ueshiba follows an intensive programme of training and teaching aikido. He gives many overseas seminars and last visited the Russian Federation in 2010, when he gave a seminar in Moscow.

The IAF is very pleased and honoured that Mr Mitsuteru Ueshiba has consented to act as Aikido Ambassador for the 2013 World Combat Games.

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