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Goldsbury-400pxIAF Chairman Peter Goldsbury. Photo by August Dragt.Peter Goldsbury was born in 1944 in the UK. After the usual school sports of soccer and cricket, he took up cross-country running as a university student – until he discovered aikido in 1970, attracted by its absence of competition. He is still training aikido and his current rank is 7th dan.

It was due to a growing interest in Japanese martial arts that he moved to Hiroshima in 1980, where he now lives and teaches aikido. His dojo is one of very few in the country where one of its martial arts is taught to Japanese people in Japanese, but by a foreigner.

Peter Goldsbury gives regular aikido seminars in the Netherlands and has also taught in the UK, Ireland, Malaysia and Brunei.

He began working for the International Aikido Federation (IAF) around 1980, soon becoming its General Secretary, and was elected IAF Chairman at the 7th Congress in 1996.

Peter Goldsbury is a PhD in ancient Greek philosophy. From his initial move to Japan, he taught courses at Hiroshima University in western philosophy, but up until his retirement he was Professor in the graduate Department of Management Studies, specializing in Comparative Culture and Negotiation Studies.

Now semi-retired, he still has a keen interest in Japan’s martial arts culture and is working on a history of aikido. His aim is to show how traditional Japanese values are embodied in a modern martial art practiced and taught widely in other countries.

He visited Moscow in 2010, to attend the IAF Directing Committee Meeting and aikido seminar held there.

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