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The whole World Combat Games were filmed by a big professional crew from IEC, with six hours of live streaming each day. These broadcasts can be viewed in their entirety also after the live streaming. The material contains a total of 1,5 hours from the aikido demonstrations.

UPDATE 16 Dec 2013: A new IAF YouTube channel is live where we are uploading hours of new materials shared with us by IEC in Sports and SportAccord. 

UPDATE 12 Nov 2013: Tom Dijkman's edited videos (of the official broadcasts) are now linked.

UPDATE 4 Nov 2013The video entitled 'Slow and Beauty' of Naoto Uchida and Toshio Suzuki as ukes for Miyamoto Tsuruzo Sensei is now embedded on this site. This video was shot by August Dragt and edited by Jieshi Shan.

UPDATE 4 Nov 2013: Check again!  The videos can now be seen in USA and Brazil. More about it here: Videos Now Accessible...

bruno gonzalez, photo goska smierzchalskaBruno Gonzalez demonstrating. Photo Goska Smierzchalska

The collection of videos we have uncovered so far follows: 


IEC in Sports is an international company specializing in sport events broadcasts. They have a tremendous crew present at the World Combat Games in St. Petersburg, filming just about everything and live streaming big chunks of it on the World Combat Games 2013 YouTube Channel.

If you like what you see there, don't forget to subscribe. It is frequently updated with new material from all the events of the Combat Games. In addition to six hours of daily live streaming, they make daily half-hour reports with the highlights from the day. You also can find a number of short clips.

Please note that due to different broadcast deals made by SportAccord with TV networks in some countries, these videos are not available there. Maybe you can find the videos or clips from them on the websites of local TV networks?

There was a total of eight hours of aikido demonstrations at the World Combat Games. An hour and a half of that was live-streamed and can still be found on the Combat Games YouTube account – half an hour from day one and one hour from day two.

These films are of a high professional quality, you will no doubt find. Also note the skill by which the recaps move between slow motion and regular speed – giving a fascinating display of the aikido techniques. Not to mention how beautiful it is.

The expert commentator on the live stream broadcasts is Tony Smibert Shihan, member of the IAF Senior Council.

If more videos of the aikido demonstrations at the World Combat Games becomes available, we will inform you on this website.  If you find something, let us know here!

Text by Stefan Stenudd

Photo by Goska Smierzchalska


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