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IAF 2012 Registration


The 11th International Aikido Congress(as of 19.Apr. 2012)

Along with the congress, the seminar will be held for 5 days. We are looking forward to seeing you in Tokyo

  • Schedule17th September (Mon), 2012 – 23rd September (Sun), 2012

International Congress

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Moscow - Directing Committee Meeting & Aikido Training Seminar

The IAF will hold its two-yearly directing committee meeting very shortly.


The meeting will take place in Moscow and will run from October 19 till October 22. The main topics to be discussed at the meeting will be:

Evaluation of the recent Sportaccord Combat Games and preparations for future events;

Minor changes to the IAF Statutes;

Preparation for the 11th IAF Congress, to take place in Tokyo;

Finance and budget issues;

IAF Membership issues.



Alongside the directing committee meeting, an aikido training seminar will be led by Mitsuteru Ueshiba, Waka Sensei, S Sugawara Shihan and H Fujimaki Shihan, with the support of Hino Terumasa Shidoin, all from the Aikikai Hombu Dojo. Shihans attending the directing committee meeting will also instruct at the seminar: Tony Smibert Shihan from Australia, who is a member of the IAF Senior Council, and Stefan Stenudd Shihan, who is IAF Vice-Chairman.

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Combat Games participants

Dear Participatory Federation members,

It is with great pleasure we announce the names of the participating members to the Combat Games in Beijing 2010.

Demonstration Participants to the SportAccord Combat Games 2010 Beijing:

Shihan Ja Yoshiaki Yokota male
Shihan Ja uke Makoto Ito male
Shihan Ja uke Toshio Suzuki male
Shihan F Christian Tissier male
Shihan F uke Marc BACHRATY male
Shihan F uke Pascal GUILLEMIN male

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The 10th IAF Congress in Tanabe City

The 10th IAF Congress will be held from October 6th (Monday) to 12th (Sunday) at Tanabe City, Wakayama Prefecture, Japan.

For those who are planning to attend the congress, kindly confirm the information given here and please send your registration form to the following e-mail address,

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The information about the Congress is subject to change and the information will be updated. Please do not forget to check for the latest information.

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IAF Congress in Tanabe

Important Information for IAF Members

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IAF DC meeting postponed

Dear Members,

This month we planned to hold the IAF Directing Committee Meeting in Paris.

Unfortunately we have had to postpone this meeting owing to illness. The General Secretary has had to stay in hospital a number of times during the last few months, the General Treasurer is not in good health, and finally the Chairman had to enter hospital for an eye operation and now has to recover.

In these circumstances it was decided to postpone the meeting until March 2007.

Peter Goldsbury

Promotional movies for the WorldGames 2005

1 August 2005 IAF

You can download and view a promotional Aikido movie, created by the IAF for presentation at the world games

It is available in 2 sizes

Web Promo for Quicktime version 7 (filesize: 8 MB)

Web promo for Quicktime version 6 (filesize: 14 MB)

You can download Quicktime free here