1st IAF Young Adults Aikido Seminar in Kyoto

Written on September 19, 2023

The 1st IAF International Young Adult Seminar, lead by Aikido Hombu Dojo-cho Mitsuteru Ueshiba and Toshio Suzuki Shihan, was held in Kyoto, during 15 -17 of September 2023.

The event was made possible thanks to the cooperation of the IAF, the Aikikai Foundation, the All Japan Aikido Federation and local Federations of the city and the region of Kyoto.
DC Member Yoko Okamoto Shihan was in charge of the organization of the event, which was attended by more then 200 Young Adults coming from all over Japan and all over the World.
Young Adults from 14 country members of the IAF were present - France, Guam, USA, the Netherlands, Belgium, Hong Kong, Australia, Romania, Poland, Norway, South Africa, India, Azerbaijan and Japan.