MoU´s in Azerbaijan

Written on May 19, 2023

During these days, from the 16th till the 19th of May, the Chairman of the IAF, Wilko Vriesman, is visiting our member in Azerbaijan, the Azerbaijan Aikikai Aikido (AAA) in Baku, which receives the teaching from Takanori Kuribayashi Shihan, from Hombu Dojo.

Part of the visit has been a press conference in which questions were regarding the cooperation between the IAF and the AAA in the matter of the development of state recognition of Aikido in Azerbaijan and the intention to promote a platform of regional cooperation with other IAF members and future members.

The press conference was concluded with the signing of 2 MoU´s.

One MoU was between the IAF and the AAA, signed by Mr. Ilham Gullyev, Chairman and Technical Director, regarding the cooperation between countries.

And a second MoU, between the IAF and the Institute for Health in Baku, IDDO, regarding the application of Aikido in Health programs dealing with Autism, signed by Dr. Rovsham Nazaris, Director of the Institute and Deputy Chairman of the AAA.