RIP Renato Filippin - Message from IAF Chairman

Written on November 6, 2020
The IAF team is saddened by the very sudden passing of Renato Filippin Shihan 7th dan. Renato Filippin Shihan had been working hard with his wife, Amadea Thoma, for a long time to introduce Aikido to children in the city of St. Gallen.
Renato Filippin Shihan and his wife Amadea had great success with the children’s program and approached us at IAF with some visions for Aikido for Youth programs within IAF.
With the leadership of Renato Filippin Shihan and the full support of ACSA, IAF conducted the first trial event for Youth in St. Gallen in June 2017. This became the precursor of the annual Youth events for IAF.
IAF established a Youth Working Group and Renato Filippin Shihan became the first chairman of this group.
With over 50 years of Aikido under his belt, Renato Filippin Shihan studied Aikido under great masters such as Tada Shihan, Nakazono Shihan, Chiba Shihan, Ikeda Shihan, Kanetsuka Shihan and many more.
He enjoyed sharing his Aikido and has had many followers and dojos in Germany, Russia, Central and South America.
He had a dynamic style of Aikido based on the training under great masters, great vision on the need to focus on Youth and a very friendly and persuasive Aikido diplomatic stance.
IAF misses the loss of this great visionary and implementor. IAF will pledge to continue with the legacy of Renato Filippin Shihan with the Youth program by continuing to work together with his wife and aikido instructor Amadea Thoma Sensei.
I have personally lost a good friend. Renato, rest in peace! Thank you for your work!
Kei Izawa
Chairman IAF