The Kagami-Biraki 2019 ceremony at Hombu Dojo

Written on May 23, 2020

The main hall at Hombu Dojo was entirely full on the occasion of the Kagami-Biraki ceremony of 2019. There were people who came from far away countries to attend this event. 742 Aikidoka were promoted to a new Yudansha Aikido Aikikai rank. Doshu Moriteru Ueshiba conducted the ceremony and also held an Embukai.

Video credit: Guillaume Erard

There were given 7 titles of 8th Dan and 61 titles of 7th Dan. 198 Aikidoka were awarded 6th Dan and 434 Aikidoka received 5th Dan. 42 Aikidoka obtained 1st-4th Dan. The entire list of new gradings is available here.

It was a well deserved promotion for each of them. Hard work on tatami as well as in the didactic field. Especially, we would like to mention two members of the IAF that have been selected by Doshu Moriteru Ueshiba for promoting: Hayato Osawa Shihan, now 8th Dan Aikido Aikikai – member of the IAF Technical Council and Charles McGinnis, now 7th Dan Aikido Aikikai – member of the IAF Directing Committee.

Hayato Osawa Shihan 8th Dan and Charles McGinnis 7th Dan

Kagami Biraki ceremony is a Japanese traditional event that marks the official opening of the New Year. In Japan, there is a special “cake” that is being prepared on this occasion: mochi. Dojo Cho Mitsuteru Ueshiba together with the instructors from Hombu Dojo made Kagami mochi and shared it with the guests. May 2019 be a wonderful year for everybody!