AFRIMENA Working Group

AFRIMENA Working Group

The AFRIMENA WG was installed in June 2020 by IAF initiative. It's main function is to be and to create a platform to broaden and strengthen the footprint of the AIKIKAI Foundation and the International Aikido Federation (IAF) on the African continent and the MENA (Middle East) region.


Different Countries, from the African Continent and the MENA Region, Sharing the Same Passion for Aikido in a Spirit of Union Disseminating Moral Values and Propagating O'Sensei's teachings for a Better World where Peace and Harmony reign.


  • To Identify, Select, Assist and Recommend new Aikido Organizations in Africa and the MENA Region Eligible to join the AIKIKAI Foundation and the IAF;
  • To Reinforce and Support the Aikido IAF Member Organizations in their respective Countries;
  • To Bring together, Align and Rally Aikido Organizations Around Good Moral Values;
  • To Create a Synergy between Aikido Organizations to promote and propagate Aikido soundly.

Chaired by: Taha NAIM
Advised by: Dany LECLERRE Shihan
Appointed member: Ahmad Salih