IAF Gender Balance Working Group

IAF Gender Balance Working Group

The aim of the WG is to promote more female leadership in aikido world. Our attitude is to grow positive side and not blaming others. We stick to framework to promote women.


Takasaki declaration

The theme for the 12th IAF congress was the promotion of gender equality in aikido. Through classes taught by senior female instructors as well as two gender forums to explore issues of gender equality in martial arts we have started to address this important issue for the future of aikido. We are committed to continue this journey in the future.

第12回国際合気道大会のテーマは合気道における男女平等を奨励 することでした。講習会の指導陣には女性の高段者が加わり、 二つのジェンダーフォーラムでは武道における男女平等に関わる諸 問題を探索する等、 将来の合気道にとって重要であるこのテーマについて取り組み始め ました。私たちは今後この探求の旅を続けることに専念します。 


Following the Takasaki declaration, the IAF Gender Balance Working Group has been making continuous efforts to bring a better gender balance in Aikido. Our current target is to increase the number of female board members and high ranking teachers, who are absolutely minority in the world Aikido community at this stage.

Our working group consists of 28 delegates from all over the world, holding online meeting bimonthly, to exchange ideas and to raise awareness in gender balance in and out of her own country. In 2020, our Latin American members created the ULA-IAF Gender Balance WG as a sub-circle, to compensate for language and time differences. 

We organise and support activities such as Gender Day, female instructor seminars and campaigns which sheds more light on female teachers as role models. These activities are entirely open to all the IAF members. Moreover, your engagement is highly appreciated.


Satomi Ishikawa 



2021 ~

Female Instructor Education in Saudi Arabia

Cooperation project with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Gender Day 2019

Hosted by the Netherlands


Gender Day 2018

Hosted by the Netherlands


International Female Instructor seminar (2016 - 2019)

Hosted by Argentina


International Female Instructor seminar (2019)

Hosted by Chile

Online seminars


International Female Instructor Seminar

Hosted by Argentina

International Female Instructor Seminar

Hosted by Colombia (ULA - IAF)

Online projects and campaigns

Promotion via TikTok - upcoming


Aikido OurStories 

Ongoing - Instagram project


OneAikido 2021

Facebook campaign


AikidoWomen (2017 - 2018)

Facebook campaign


Driving forth of the WG


Satomi Ishikawa



Stasa Pisek

General Secretary


Daniela Salvo

Assistant General Secretary


Maia Mendez

Correspondence and the GS of the ULA-IAF Gender Balance WG


Elizabeth Valdes

Social Media Officer